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    I’ve just found out tonight there is a name to go with problem I’ve had since I was a kid. Like you, I live near a busy street and the noise triggers are getting worse by the day. Unbeknownst to me, I moved into an apt where I’m getting doors slamming from above me and beside me and on top of that an older lady upstairs is constantly moving furniture across her wood floor. It’s almost daily and she won’t stop! Three o’clock in the morning the neighbors front door slams and wakes me in a anxiety ridden panic. Unfortunately the markets are extremely bad right now where I live and it’s so difficult to find a good place.

    My gf and I had just got back today from a 2 day vacation (in hopes of de-stressing me), and within a half hr of getting in, there are the doors slamming and furniture scraping across the floor. It sent me right back to where I was before we left. All that stress and tension came back 100% and now all I can think about it going away again. From what I’ve been reading, there really isn’t a cure for this. If you are able to move, I’d suggest taking your time and finding a quiet place where you can at least have some peace in your life. Maybe someday there will be help for people who suffer with this.