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Hi Jennifer,
I am new to this forum too and very relieved to find someone else with a young sufferer!

It seems that both our children have sensitivities that are affecting their daily life, although quite different on the face of things I can completely understand how their anxiety is associated….just different triggers I suppose?
I’m sure you will also understand how difficult it is to apply the general coping techniques of this forum to a child. It’s one thing trying to help yourself with this condition and another to be responsible for someone else’s suffering. Im feeling such a pressure to help our daughter with this now as we are starting to understand the impact it may be having on her social & academic development and as she grows.
Although her triggers are more mouth related sounds & visual of eating mouths we are also starting to realise that are likely to be many more layers.
She has always been very easily distracted by noise…whether that’s a common trait with this condition?? She has dropped choir as they Sing “too loud”. She has struggled in last year of learning as the classroom could be noisy & the teacher spoke on a very loud level.
Unfortunately her 14yr old brother is the main target of her rage which is creating huge tension particularly at the dinner table and causing a big rift in their relationship too!

This is difficult & very complex for sure, so very happy just to be a support & someone to have a rant with!!
Take care, Michelle.