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Grace Moore

    I’m not really sure how often people look at these posts, or answer them, but I just thought I’d put something in here… My parents know that I struggle with anger towards a lot of sounds, and they do try to eat quietly around me, but since they don’t struggle with misophonia, they forget about it halfway through because it’s not a natural thought-pathway for them. It makes my mom very upset if she notices that I’m trying to ignore her chewing during a meal (i.e. me slowly putting headphones in my ears, or trying to finish my food faster so I can go somewhere else, or desperately trying to zone out and focus on something other than the sounds I’m hearing.) She is an extrovert and I’m a high functioning introvert, so when I get up and go to my room, or sit by myself, or have headphones in all the time then she believes it’s because she’s bothering me. It’s honestly very hard to try to go around everyone’s feelings and to try and make them happy by forcing myself to do all the things they want me to do, when my instincts are to be alone and independent.

    I’m an 18 yr old girl, and I’ve had these problems since I was around 10. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any kind of PTSD, though I have had some bad losses and experiences in my short life. I’m not exactly sure that misophonia could be related to PTSD, to answer the comment above, but I’m not specially educated in psychology or science.

    I hope that this helps anyone who reads it, and if you have any kind of answers or comments, please share them! I know this website is a big helper for my daily life, and hearing that other people have the same kinds of struggles/triggers/difficulties with family/etc. is amazing. Thank you guys!