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My parents don’t understand my misophonia. I try to be very polite when I tell them that the chewing and stuff is bothering me, but they say that I’m selfish and rude. I ask them to understand, but they say that it’s my problem and that I should fix it. It’s really hard and they’re always getting super mad. And my brother does this too. Living with mysophonia in the first place is hard, and this makes it 10 times harder. When I’m about to erupt because of it and they ask what’s wrong, I don’t tell them because I’ll know they’ll get mad. They say that everyone on earth can’t “bend over backwards” for me and that I should deal and that other people deserve to be happy. Sometimes I get really really sad and angry because of it. It all makes me extremely angry and sad, which makes them madder. They say that I should just deal with it. But I try to tell them that it’s not that easy. Everyday is so hard. I just wish my family would listen. They get so angry and I’m being polite, or trying to. I explain misophonia so much to them but it doesn’t work.