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    right, hi
    this is also something i have been suffering with for ages! first of all it was really early on like i would be sensitive to coughing, omg no just leave, from id say about year 9 at school.
    i have completely stopped eating any form of food near my family as they all like to make noises when they eat and i have even been given 14 detentions from school for not removing or handing my headphones in because someone was chewing a chewing gum SOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! loudly. I’m surprised you didn’t hear it. but what i wanna say that there i know is no cure, always have headphones with you and from a sufferer to a sufferer try to ignore it, remove yorself from the situation and just get past it. i have had many episodes of balling my complete eyes out because i have been in a queue and someone has been chewing gum right behind me like a FUCKING RHINO!!! omg i’m not angry lol *eye role
    but year try to build a bridge and refrain from smashing their face in xoxo