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Courtney Pace

    Obviously leaving the situation is the best bet, although lately I feel like the sounds follow me! I am sure this is in my head – my hearing can’t be that acute – but its so frustrating because it feels like there is no escape! I can put in ear plugs, wrap my head in a pillow, and then wrap it again in a blanket and STILL hear whatever it is. Playing music/video/white noise definitely helps mask the noise, but if I can still see the culprit then the background noise becomes insufficient. Mirroring the noise did help for a while, but I think the misophonia is getting more intense and even that doesn’t help anymore. Its become very visual too, the sight of chewing, swallowing, licking, rubbing (etc times a million) will throw me into such an uncontrollable rage. Even writing those trigger words has my blood boiling. I think its gotten worse since I’ve been pregnant (4mo), has anyone else noticed this? I am so terrified that I will find my baby’s noises this infuriating, or that I will pass on this horrible affliction to her…