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    I am so incredibly like Lura P above , i feel i have heightened senses in everything. I am very perceptive visually, can read non verbal communication as well as verbal. I have advocated for people all my life and can calm down very angry people and animals. I really wanted to be a vet but got to advocate for people instead. I am very specific in what sounds i like and dislike but very lound snorers drives me crazy , sleep apnea people especially i can not tolerate at all. It makes me feels so upset and angry and anxious. My relationship of 10 years to my partner failed due to this as i tried to help him so much but he was nit willing to help himself. . i had great intuition of others peoples problems and issues and can pick up on their energies and what needs to be done in order for them to be able to heal. Now i really need to focus on myself as misophonia gets so much worse in menopause.