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    It’s honestly a bit of a relief to see these similar experiences.
    I’ve had misophonia my entire life — it caused me to have a severe temper as a child as nobody explained what it was. I just thought people were trying to annoy me until I was 10. My mom has it too, though less severe by her own admission. Over the years, I’ve gone from becoming anxious and irritable to feeling physical discomfort and pain, and my set-offs are numerous: whistling, tapping/certain rhythms, chewing, breathing, clicking, leg bouncing, particular motions, and more depending on my mental state and how close to overstimulation I am. Even phone speakers cause me pain and make me queezy under the right circumstances. I often get anxiety attacks because of it, and have had a few panic attacks too. I rarely have a day without a tension headache, and it’s becoming a real issue. I’m 23 with 4 roommates who are my dear friends, so I’m hoping this is the worst it gets. I hope I can find a way to manage it, as I get lonely so easily and I hate having to isolate myself so often. It’s difficult for people to accommodate me, so “slip-ups” are numerous, especially lately. I hope there’s something I can do about this. I’ve made it this far, so I’m staying optimistic!