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    I have had miso now for as long as i can remember. I’m 18 and prior to now my main trigger was chewing. Chips and gum was always the worst for me and I would feel incredibly bad asking people to chew with their mouths closed or to quiet down. Within the last year or two it has gotten a lot worse and is no longer just chewing that bothers me. If I hear my dads tv from my room or any other noise especially other people talking I get so angry. I try so hard to just not let it bother me but it’s so difficult. If I’m sleeping and get woken up to the sound of people having a conversation outside of my room I can’t help but cry and feel crazy. Any time I try to mention it to my dad he gets so mad with me as if I can’t stop it from bothering me. He doesn’t even try to understand how it upsets me. The bedroom next to mine is my dads “office” type room it’s a little hard to explain, but he has a fan on in there and it makes this vibrating noise that drives me absolutely insane. I have asked if he could turn it down and a few times he has listened and understood, but other times he gets very angry with me. I am able to put headphones in or turn my tv volume up but it still keeps me up at night. My miso has gotten a lot worse with age and I have even lost friends over it. A close friend of mine was very aware that chewing bothered me and would purposely do it to make me mad. She thought it was funny that it bothered me and didn’t understand why I didn’t see the humor in it. I completely stopped going around her because she was so insensitive and had to intentionally bother me any time we ate. I have read endless articles on how to cope but so far they have not been very helpful. I hope I can learn to let noises bother me less and it feels very good to know I’m not alone in this and other people struggle with the same thing.