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    I too struggle immensely with bass and low frequency sounds. To me, this is more than noise, I feel it in my body, like a vibration, and it affects my concentration and ability to relax. Unfortunately I have a next door neighbor who plays loud music with excessive bass, all day (8 am to 11.30 PM, even on weekends) and makes the walls/floor vibrate in the whole house. I moved in 4 months ago. The music can be heard one block away (is not just me, other people have complained ). The source of the noise is exactly next to the bedroom, and I had to move my bed to the basement where the noise is a little less intense. I am grateful to work from home, but I am seriously considering renting an office. I got very expensive noise cancelling headphones and they help (Sony), but can’t wear them at night in the bedroom because I can still hear the bass, or they get out of position as I sleep on my side – so I sleep in the basement…
    I asked the neighbor to please be considerate, explained how it sounds in my house, and that it affects me; they lower it for a few hours, but then back to the same. What advice do people have about noise ordinances/ law enforcement since this is a health issue. Apparently someone called the police, but this did not seem to work since this person plays the music loud again after they leave.