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I’ve been suffering with Misophonia since I was 15, I am now 17. My main triggers are loud chewing, my dog licking or the dog licking dishware with food on, cutlery hitting eachother and my dog eating wet food. These triggers only trigger me if it’s from one on my family members so when my friends eat loudly it annoys me but it’s nothing like when my family eat loudly. My anxiety surrounding my misophonia has meant that I cannot stay in my house without feeling extremely anxious. It causes me the inability to concentrate in the house because I’m constantly thinking about if someone is eating downstairs or if my dog is licking, and being a student doing a levels it’s causing me alot of stress. I told my family who try to avoid my triggers but sometimes they forget and they make fun of me which causing me a lot of upset. When I hear my triggers it causes me to have anxiety attacks which are followed by hysterically crying. If I’ve had a particularly bad anxiety attack about my triggers I cut myself to relieve the pain. It has gradually got worse and worse and has pushed me to the point of self harm and overdosing in an attempt to kill myself. It’s just going to get worse and worse without help but I don’t like talking about it. When I talk about my feelings all I do is cry and get myself in a state. I haven’t ate with my family for years. I cannot attend family events. For Christmas dinner last year I sat at a different table in the same room because I thought I could cope but I couldn’t and it ruined my Christmas. It ruins everything for me, I just want to eat with my family again.