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    I relate 100%. I get enraged by cars, trucks, with enhanced mufflers for extra noise and just cannot fathom why someone would do that. I get a motorcycle for safety…but everyone else. 🙁

    My sleep life has changed with the $60 purchase of a small portable white-noise machine. I bought one called “marpac” on line and it’s saved my mental health. I no longer get woken up by mr.loud muffler etc. And panicked because I’m exhausted and now awake. Freedom from ear plugs every night. Not sure if would overcome extremely loud snorer in the same room, but does dampen the crazy outside world that disturbs your sleep. I wish I had one ten years ago when my MISO became disruptive to my sleeping health. If I don’t get a good sleep..MISO is worse, so all ties in.

    Side note: I am selling my home to move somewhere “quiet”, that’s how bad this is for me…