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    Same here. Loud, bass-heavy music makes me enraged. I’m also a pretty gentle person most of the time! My fiancé and I had an apartment where the upstairs neighbor’s music was so hard for me to take that I moved out until we could sell the place. Cars that play that kind of music are upsetting to me, too – but luckily they usually aren’t around long. Loud music that doesn’t have much bass doesn’t bother me at all.

    Loud construction noises don’t bother me, either. We had construction on our building for six months, like jackhammering directly onto the outer walls of our apartment, and I would just roll my eyes and put on my noise-cancelling headphones and try to ignore it. But the moment the guy upstairs started up with his music, my heart would race and my whole body felt flooded with adrenaline and I fantasized about murdering him. It was awful.

    Feeling trapped beneath that booming, vibrating sound and feeling powerless to keep it out of my body, was torture. Unfortunately, loud snoring also triggers me, so I sleep with earplugs every night. I have no idea why those are the two things that disturb my peace of mind so much – crying babies, chewing, none of that really bothers me.