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    That is really interesting Iam9man.

    For many years I’ve been trying to understand why I’m how I am. No one thing explains everything I experience; it’s a combination of many. I do not really know where to start to research and unravel the complex and numerous problems that I have battled against over many years. I have won some battles (alcohol, social phobia) I am still struggling with others (depression, misophonia, avolition, [ADHD?] etc . . . )
    Your association of your misophonia with adult ADHD is something that I have contemplated myself although I’ve not explored either beyond reading and watching on the internet. I would love to did into these problems deeply & find something that would help. I got a long way through Imperial college’s selection prices for the psylocybin research trial but I think I’m too good at hiding my difficulties from others even when I don’t want to.

    Anyway, what I’ve written is all a bit of a jumble as normal so I’m sorry about that.

    It must be such a relief to feel that you have made such a life changing breakthrough and I wish you well for the future 🙂