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    Hi, I just discovered this site after recently hearing the term misophonia.

    Ive suffered my who]e life, since I was 10 or so at least as I recall smashing a window with my fist due to the sound of my brothers playing.

    It carried on throughout my teens, my 20s and has become worse since then. I have to wear headphones with loud music when out as peoples voices can make me seethe with rage, depending on volume, tone, accent and the context. Any kind of neighbour noise is also unbearable to me, even if very difficult for others to even hear at all. And just the anticipation of triggers can lead to anxiety, or optical cues such as mouths moving.

    The best thing I was able to do to help was buying bluetooth headphones and learning to stay busy, with lots of exercise, especially competitive full contact martial arts. Even though some environments can be noisy, it doesn’t bother me when Im part of it.

    It seems getting involved seems to help, but that can be hard if you happen to also be socially detached for whatever reason. Perhaps drama or music would be other activities to pursue.

    Its good to have finally learned there is at least an actual term to describe the disorder and to learn of the associated disorders, a few of which I also clearly have.

    Good luck to you all.