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Tonight I Googled “mental health impact of constant persistent repetitive sound noise” and came across Misophonia.

I live in a 16 story residential building (on the very top two floors) I have been staying here for more than 15 years, it use to be a brilliant, well managed building where only post graduate and diplomatic core was allowed to rent (it belong to a technical university) but lately standards has slipped and ‘questionable’ people were allowed to move in.
About a year ago, somewhere below me a person who plays the bass guitar moved in. They seem to record and compose as well which results in constant repetitive bass reverberating through my room. This is not necessarily a very loud sound – although sometimes it is, but a low drone vibration that often make to windows in my bedroom rattle and hum. The exact source of thee sound is also impossible to pinpoint. I have walked the front halls to try and identify where it comes from – but it only seems to be obvious from the back side where the bedroom and balconies are.
The building manager tell me they are allowed to make noise, and that I am the only person who complains. Even though this is against the law in my country, I have no mechanism to deal with this issue.
I feel totally helpless and anxious and I go into fits of pure unbridled rage.
The bass never stops, not even in the sanctity of my bedroom, with ear buds or my music playing helps to drown out this sound. I’ve started to get stomach ache and heart palpitations.
I’m at the end of my rope – I cant go anywhere else and many times I feel like the only way out is to end my life