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I’ve not read all your message just yet.
I kinda didn’t need to.
The mimicking is so relatable. People don’t understand Miso so they sure won’t understand why we have to copy something we detest…. WE don’t understand! How are they supposed to.
Miso is horrible. I’m 56 I’ve had it since I was around 15 years of age.
The rising panic as someone walks in the room with a sandwich is near terrifying.

Now I’ve read your message.
I don’t harm myself. I never have or will.
Family is difficult. It’s the old saying familiarity breeds contempt. They can so rile us and we them … because we can get away with it…. we can’t with an outsider.

But I am still trying. I haven’t resigned myself to giving in to it. I will not drown in Miso … which now suddenly sounds like a soup!

Keep fighting … I will.