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Anna Marie

    Hi Charlotte
    I know the pain all too well!! From what I’ve read, we mimic noises because our own sounds don’t bother us. Sometimes it’s actually very helpful for me. If I make the same noise someone else is making then I feel like I’m sort of regaining control. Of course this is only helpful in some settings.
    Living with my family through the pandemic has been hell— I’m sure most misophoniacs will agree. My only piece of advice is to remember that it might feel horrible right now, and as if it is ruining your life, but it will get better. If you’re more stressed in your life, your triggers will get so much worse. During less stressful time-periods, you won’t notice it as much
    I wonder if your family would be more understanding if you explained it more how you explained it here— my family is so helpful, which is NECESSARY if one is to live with them.
    Stay safe, wishing you all the best,
    Your fellow noise hater