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    Hey Charlotte. Its fascinating to read about your experiences. I have felt so lonely for a long time now. I feel like nobody can ever understand my reaction to sounds, and when they try to, I feel like they don’t really understand how big of an affect it has on my well-being. Yes, they can see that I get angry, and maybe they even acknowledge my mimic as a coping mechanism, but they can’t see my loneliness and helplessness. In conclusion; I can relate to your lack of coping. I have felt like a failure ever since I saw my school nurse 7 years ago. Today, I have a special “audio educator” (directly translated from Norwegian). She tries so hard, but like you I can’t really see myself coping with this disease. When I was younger, I used to fantasize about my future. Sadly, I can no longer see myself ever living a happy, married, family life. I, as you, am worried that I am broken.