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    I have misophonia. I hate loud chewing, snoring, coughing and heavy breathing. My dad doesn’t seem to be bothered by it but I’m not sure if he believes me. He is a loud chewer and has heavy breathing. My sisters make fun of me and either pretend to chew or exaggerate their chewing. Personaly I think one of my sisters chews and breaths loud enough, no exaggeration needed… Its annoying however, my mom is the worst. She thinks I’m faking it and that I only react to HER chewing. She is a loud chewer because she has bad teeth. She gets angry at me and acts like I just hate anything she does… I don’t… If misophonia IS caused my bad experiences then I have some from my childhood, namely my mothers drinking problem (she doesn’t drink anymore but it effected me the most since I was just a kid and I never got any help for it). I don’t communicate well and can’t really defend myself and make my family see that it really effects me…