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I used to think I was the only person around who had to wear earplugs at home, but now that I realize it is an actual problem, I feel relieved in a sense to know that I am not alone. I find myself nodding and agreeing to many of the “symptoms” or triggers that my fellow sufferers have written here. I am triggered by sounds like whistling and coughing, and loud conversations near me drive me insane. I have the urge to scream and shout at people for them to shut up!, and it takes a lot for me to control that urge, especially in the workplace (lots of loud people) and at home (dad always whistles and coughs, and takes it personally when I tell him to stop). I wear earplugs sometimes even when there’s no noise because I have this fear that the trigger sound is coming. My noise cancelling earbuds work to a certain extent, but like what some have pointed out, once I notice the sound, nothing can cover it. I have to stick it through by turning up the volume on my earphones or simply leaving. I am anxious and scared that this will continue for the rest of my life. I am trying meditation as well, not sure yet how it will go. Only hope lies in hopefully finding a better set of earphones/earplugs, or some treatment can come through.