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I must have had misophonia as a child because my grandparents’ false teeth and accompanying mouth noises drove me up the wall. Plus, my dad would eat the little ‘cocktail’ peanuts (Planters in a can) with his front teeth to accentuate the noise. Argh. However, in the years following, I don’t recall any annoyances other than popcorn munchers in the theater. I managed my school years without issues because I only remember my grandma’s teeth. Move ahead 40 years when I had to work in close quarters with others. One co-worker had a chronic nasal drip and constantly hacked it up. He also chewed gum. Eventually I moved my cubicle near the AC room and the constant white noise of the air handler masked most everything. Later, after a job change, I had to use a white noise machine, then a white noise app on my phone to use with earphones when my co-workers were eating their lunches or snacks. The guy in front of me always seemed to have gravel as a snack. Or mixed nuts. In go the earplugs. So, crunching and munching sounds are my two greatest triggers right now. My wife has always been a noisy eater and it’s becoming more of an issue now that we’re stuck in the house AND the fact that I now retired. I have to move around when she’s eating something. But to make matters worse, she’s now using a spoon as her favorite implement. She slurps soup. She grates the spoon over her teeth, or makes a mouth sound that my grandmother always made when she opened her mouth. Kind of like a ‘click’. My wife knows about my sensitivities and tries to not make any noise, but it’s not possible, I guess. She’s very defensive and sensitive, so I have not yet tried using earplugs during mealtimes. I may have to resort to it, though. I’m 65 and th emiso seems to be affecting me more now. In fact, studies have shown that the affliction gets worse with age. So, those of you that are still young — it’s not going to get any better. Just mt $.02.