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    Hi – I had no idea misophonia / related sound issues were a ‘thing’ until I started working in an educational support team last year. I am wondering if I have some aspects and the neighbour thing is really bad since Covid and working from home. I get very wound up in offices, but not so much with the typical eating noises, well not SO much. I live in a flat and have new neighbours. We have paper-thin walls. They let the doors slam and play guitar, all fairly normal but I have found my rage is wild. Also, children screaming when they are playing, machinery, cars, most things. I do have a LOT of stress generally but wonder if this is why, perhaps I’ve had it all my life. I write very detailed experimental music and I am VERY aware of noise. I understand about soundwaves and what travels where & how far, so the neighbour’s guitar resonates all round my house and I can’t escape it. It makes me cry with rage. I’ve stuck my fingers in my ears but then I can feel it. Even with headphones on I can hear it. He also walks on his heels which travels because it is bass and these are the longest sound waves. I also have very sensitive ears and find headphones are actually hurting too. I need to work in absolute silence. I can’t listen to music when I’m working as I can’t concentrate at all. I can’t find a way to get over it and my anger is sometimes scary because I do or may do things I regret. My heart gets faster and my teeth clench and I feel very unreasonable, but it is not related to the person, it is the constant noise. TBH it’s not even that constant but this is how I feel. I have been referred to the hospital for the sensitivity, but I need to find an answer. Perhaps it’s not misophonia, but I am so irritated and can’t ask normally for quiet because I feel like an idiot. I’ve not spoken to anyone about it yet.