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Robert O.

    Hi, you are not alone in this, theres nothing wrong with the issues you are going trough your job. I have this same problem, the bad part of my story is that my neighbor its not a good person and plays loud music, he doesnt talk he screams, and does this kind of behaviour just to annoy us. There was a time when i felt scared coming from work and getting home because I was thinking, hes probably playing laoid music or has invited friends to come over and get drunk and all. I cant deal with loud sounds or bass sounds, it drives my crazy, start too sweat , stomach hurts, chills all over , urge to flee. Hardly sleep, lose weight all the time. But you know what, life always sends you good supported people to aid you, to understand what is it that you are feeling. I have a handful of people that support me, even though they will never feel what me feel inside and what ,we have to deal everyday. You are not alone, theres a lot of us dealing with it. And its a hard road, but we need to keep trying.