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    Hi, i can feel your pain. About a year ago i had a problem with my noisy neighbor to the point cops had to threatened him twice. He was playing loud music since 9 am and it was 3 am, cops register 85 decibels at that moment. He lives beside our home so its like javing the speaker in your ears all day long. Thinks havent change much from that day. I started to get annoy my bass sounds, same thing you are feeling, the vibration and also that urge when you put on headpieces to avoid sound, you can still hear it. I had to try a lot of earplugs and what help was using really good plugs and putting on noice canceling headphones, but donr use the noice cancell optio, I put soft relax piano music and that usually calms me down a lot. I breath deeply and avoid thinking things that never going to happen. Also put phone on vibration so in case i dont listen the call sound i can feel the vibration. Its hard having this thing, its like hell everyday, and its tireing. But we are still fighting everyday, we get it and we try again, eventually something will give us the answer. Stay strong.