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I have the same issue! Last night my neighbors, who are very nice, btw, were playing music I think from a car in the driveway. At first it was annoying, then I flew into an angry rage and my family just thought I was crazy for getting so, so angry. I then realized this is a longtime problem…every time I hear bass or music playing outdoors when I am indoors… which makes me despise summertime in my neighborhood. The weird thing is that if neighbors are playing music in their backyard and I am outdoors, it doesn’t bother me as much. I boil over when hearing music through my walls or windows! We are not the type of family who lives in a home with air conditioning running all the time. We love letting fresh air in with wide open windows! But over the years I have had to live with air conditioning on, a fan running and headphones always on. I work from home so at least i have a dedicated window air conditioner and can find peace in there but if I have to leave my office to go to another part of my home where I can hear music playing outside, I can boil over in seconds! At least now I have a name for this problem. Just glad to find this forum.