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    Mine is the sounds of humans rather than specific objects or body parts (is this still misophonia?) –

    Humans banging on walls, floors, doors, banging on fences/DIY banging/drilling etc,
    Humans shouting
    Humans talking at me relentlessly or at someone with me relentlessly and excessively,
    Humans walking loudly/stomping around,
    Humans banging drawers, washing machines, playing loud music through walls,
    Humans hoovering and banging the floor with the hoover,
    Humans beeping their horns,
    Humans talking outside my window loudly,
    Humans shouting at each other,
    Humans talking loudly in coffee shops, shops and restaurants,
    Humans talking constantly at work.

    I’m saying humans because if animals did the same I’d love it! For some reason it’s just humans and their loud banging noises that I feel are being forced on me against my will, that I’m trapped and can’t get away from it or stop it. It makes me feel angry that they can subject me and my loved ones to torture from their sounds. I can honestly say it’s ruined my life, sounds dramatic but sadly very true.

    One of the banging noises is from my partner – it’s the only one thing he does that triggers me – he drops his metal vape on the floor. This is an accident but can happen two to three times a day, and he’s had the thing for about two years! When it drops it make a big bang as its chunky and metal and I get such a rage/fight or flight response. I threaten to fill the sink with water and throw it in. I’ve convinced him to buy a different shaped vape now and this has actually stopped him dropping it and it makes me so happy that I don’t treat him in this awful way anymore.

    I feel like such a freak for hating people for existing and living their lives, they’re just healthy, happy, normal people, but these everyday things people do are torture for me.