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    Hi Andrew, from your description I would definitely say you have Misophonia.
    Everything you say resonates (no pun intended!) with me, although my triggers are only at certain times so it is usually easy enough to cope for that time by turning music up etc. An exception to this was when my mother in law was staying for a few weeks over xmas, as she snorted all the time. I couldn’t have coped with that permanently.
    As your trigger is all the time it will be really tough for you.
    I’ve tried a self-hypnosis CD, which did help reduce the intensity for a short period but nothing miraculous.
    also don’t think CBT would work for me.
    The best way to cope is avoidance in my experience, whether you can be in a different room, or have to have headphones on all the time, but clearly isn’t ideal.
    A big help is just being able to vent about it and hear other peoples stories, which you can do on here, although for me it is frustrating as posts don’t always go up very quickly and replies can be missed etc.
    I’ve just joined a Facebook group (I despise FB generally!) called Misophonia Support Group, that has 20,000 members and a lot of posts every day, so I suggest joining that. There is also a FB group called Misophonia Alliance, which is specifically for people that DON’T have misophonia but live with someone that does, which may help you partner / Mother in law?
    I personally feel that it would be good if there was a telephone helpline for Misophonia sufferers, or a way to chat with others as you can’t really vent properly in text!
    Best of luck, maybe see you on FB, Dave K