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Hi Siobhan, I have only just started looking on this site (although I’ve been aware of Misophonia for the last couple of years).
I’ve had it since I was about 7 I think, I’m now 43 and only told my wife about it a year ago as eating generally is a massive trigger but she also started to sniff all the time and it was something I couldn’t escape from.
Currently we have my mother in law staying with us (until early Jan) and she snorts all the time. I was literally only coming on this site to get some examples from the Forum to try to explain to my wife that I need to change something so I can cope without upsetting my mother in law, who I really like generally.
I really can understand the level of feeling you have, I either want to headbutt a wall, or worse I feel like stomping on mamma’s head until its flat!
I saw your post and expected it to be from years ago, as most forums I look on tend to be like that.
As you only posted the other day I thought I’d send a quick reply to offer some support, and it would help me (and hopefully you) if we could chat over a few messages, knowing there is someone who will reply that understands what you are going through.
Please try not to harm yourself, I know sometimes I bite the side of my index finger as that can’t do much damage and give me a little relief! What way are you self harming (if you don’t mind saying)