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Jenna Hagen


I was studying in my universities’ ‘quiet study room’- but it was anything but quiet. I could hear a lady chewing gum and I shot her very ugly looks across the room. She was oblivious. We had aircon in the room so I switched it on-I view this as white noise, which muffled out the sound of her chewing. But she got irritated and told me to switch it off. I resisted. And it made her upset so she came all the way to switch it off herself. I switched it on again. She switched it off. I switched it on. And told her I don’t want to hear the sound of her chewing gum and she became defensive saying that chewing gum was for herself-whatever that meant. She told me she’ll call the security, she did and shortly the security came but I stood firmly and told the security I am not gonna put this aircon off till I am done. Lol this lady ended up shooting me the dirty looks while she had to put earphones in her ears.
So when you’re around trigger sounds and you can’t leave the room or space, it’s best to put on a white noise- aircon, fan, crack a window open and sit next to it (wind is white noise).
I hate telling people to stop eating, be quiet so its best to suss out the space you’re in and choose to be in spaces where people don’t eat or talk. Ask the manager or an authority to put up no eating posters.
I personally can’t handle people talking around me and I hate radios. I got into fight s already about that and it makes me super angry, Whistling is the worst for me as well. In this case, I definitely leave the room immediately. Earphones only work when the noise is somewhat at a distance but not when people are literally in front of me talking. I will leave before I end up punching them. Best solution is to find many options for places that’s really quiet.