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I have had misophonia since i was maybe 13, and at first it was very specific to one sound, then after some years i got another sound, and then another, and with another 15 years since i first start having these problems its really far far worse than when it started. i now have plenty of specific triggers but i also seem to get new ones significantly easier, and i even started get triggered by practically any repetitive sound caused without good reasons.

Im honestly at a loss and not sure what to do about my life, its so hard to even get trough the day when the sounds from my neighbors make my life a hell. i feel like the only thing that can make things better is to have a place where you can go and relax, kind of recharge the batteries so that next time you experience your triggers you can handle them better. but when i have not had such a place to rest for many years, things have really gotten worse at a much faster rate than before.
stress absolutely increase triggers for me. at some times i feel like coffee or sugar increases triggers, but alcohol reduces them.

came to the forums in hope of finding anyone who has tried and found any medication that helps ease the symptoms. even though i have needed something for years i have not tried any medication myself.