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    Hey Andrew u are not alone. I had axactly the same problems like u. I can’t even talk properly or focus on someone if they talk to me. When they look at me and have a conversation, I started to feel overwhelming and my heartbeat fast even tho the annoying voices has not yet appear and I guess we are on another level that is like when you starting to eat or something else? The person who are Infront of u going to start pick up spoon or fork, my sudden weird reaction is already there and will start to panic/overwhelming and don’t even know what to do because I can know that exactly what will happen next after they pick up anything or making noise. It has been 2 years since this happened to me bro. I have run out of idea how to live my life like normal and all day everyday always struggle with that shit. I’m at age 19 now always stay in my room being alone myself but no matter what, I won’t give up to get my normal happy life back like my good old days. God bless you man and all of you who read this ❤️ Never Give Up and keep stay strong.