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Alexis Harshman

Im no longer quite a teen. Im 20 years old, I can’t exactly place when my misophonia really started, I think it was some time in 8th grade. Started with gum popping, it became obnoxious and I wanted to lash out. It extended to smacking and crunching sounds when someones eating. It then continued to worsen, muffled tv heard through the wall, quiet high pitched singing of my mom. The clinking of silverware on glass or porcelain/ceramic bowls, even has gotten as far as heavy breathing and clicking/ticktacky music (like the computer generated sound of a drum cymbal sped up), and I have to build up enough mental capacity to even consider going to th4 movies -as I then sit through most of it covering my ears. On top of all this I found I have the secondary disorder often only found in those who first suffer from misophonia. Its called misokenisia, triggered by repetitive movement within your eyesight setting off the same fight or flight reflex, however this ones more manageable but it also looks more rude when coping, as you have to physically block off aight of that motion and it then ends up looking like youre ignoring or avoiding someone and notjust a particular movement.
For the longest time my parents just said I ws being overdramatic
The first time I heard ofthis was from a radio that played in my drivers ed class. The girl on the radio show also suffered from it. However at the time still so little was known or studied on it that the therapists didnt know what i was talking about. It keeps getting worse, and I wish I could just be lobotomized and be done with it
Or make myself deaf and blind or just plain out die.
Ive been chased off by these conditions and then am also chased off by those who Ive hurt because they feel my reactions ar3 solely against them.
Im more trouble than wht im worth is what i alwys end with.