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Timothy Verret

    I wanted to lend my two cents to the idea that while “noise aggravation” has been attributed to the diagnosis of misophonia, I am trying to get to the bottom of why the aggravation. What is happening in my world is the fact that across the street from me, there is this guy who drives a noisy truck. Every time he starts the truck and races it (why does he race it?…like the sounds of his noisy truck, I guess), I feel like I’m going to go out of my mind. I have tried noise-cancelling devices and even started listening to
    loud racing trucks on YouTube. I think I may know why: I was in a near-fatal car accident about a year ago and it was an awful experience. I survived it, though. I guess when this noisy truck guy starts his truck and races it, I am triggered by the sounds of my car during the accident that gave me complex PTSD. Now that I know that, I still get no relief and would be welcome to hear any suggestions other than what I have tried. I even told my landlord about it and she said she would talk to him but what good might that do? And like it wasn’t annoying enough, the noisy truck guy tends to go back and forth in his truck ALL DAY LONG! I mean, where does a person go ALL DAY LONG back and forth? I’m trying to “deal” but feel like I might murder the guy. I also tried window styrofoam stuff that does blunt its initial effect but still can hear it. And with the all day long back and forth, it feeds my anticipatory anxiety because I never know when he is going to start the truck and go. It’s really hellish, to be honest.