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    As requested…

    I have just made tailor-made ear plugs in a prosthodontic audio. They are in the process of being manufactured. The panel of sounds that make me almost hysterical (since about the age of 11, 12 years old and I’m 54 years old!) Have sniffles even the most devious, breaths, sounds of mouths, throat, nose, ALL, without exception, but also, the popcorn in cinemas, the click of the pen, the creaking of jaws, doors, the crackling of the wood, the rain on the gutters, the barking of dogs, even the bubbles Red fishes …. the airplanes, which pass at a minute forty-six intervals the colleague who punctuates all his sentences by hum hum, etc. etc. HM hm , !!! But the list continues to grow over time over the years, so that all and little noises, if they become REPETITIVE REPETITIVE, may become unbearable and insurmountable …
    Ditto for visual twitches (fingers, hands). For a few months now I can not stand the diction of some journalists or reporters who leave their voice behind at the end of the sentence, you will listen, from now on. It has become a journalistic diction mode and it is ridiculous and not natural at all. some commercials that use songs of the moment with the music and the most annoying voice if possible.
    Hypnosis maybe (?) A little desensitized because that’s what it is: to desensitize. But a sentence from the psychiatrist who treated me, hit me, she told me but in fact: it is you who are intolerant to the people who live. And in short, you can not stand life ??? No, actually, just the sound they make. Why do not all these people chew with their mouths closed, do they put the spoon deep in the mouth instead of doing schluurrrp …. During a rock concert or other, I will hear and listen to the guy who sniffs behind me and I will not hear the concert … In short the list can be long or infinite. (What I would like is a technique, a way, just not to FOCUS me, do not capture, capture at the other end of the room the noise (s) and let it go.
    Is it possible to deprogram the brain ?????

    Thank you (I write in French hoping that my message will be translated).
    Thank you Catherine G.