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I’m using sleepbuds from Bose for last two months, but there are HUGE cons. 1) they are insanely expensive, but I’m willing to pay A LOT to have some sleep 2) they are malfuncioting – I was stupid not to pay attention to horrible reviews online. Mine got broken after 6 weeks (max battery charge is 48%) 3) you cannot upload into them your favorite white noise 4) battery life is really miserable even when it worked and charged up to 100%

But if you find a sound you like from their VERY LIMITED library and they don’t break, then you’re good to go. They are very comfortable for me to sleep with them all night. They mask the noise very effectively.

I live with similar ****** above me, so I hear your pain. Good luck.

I suggest you to move out. For me it’s not an option unfortunatelly 🙁