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Hii, I’m just glad that I’m not alone, and my case is kind of different I guess…

Well, I’m scared of loud sound/noise with vibration (kind of hard to explain), and these sounds always trigger my fight or flight response and sometimes with a thought of vulnerability.

To explain this, I will share about my gym experience. Btw this is just one of many experiences I encountered.

So at that time, I have been gymming for about a few months and suddenly my fear, of deadlifting/slamming the weight onto the ground, appear out of nowhere. I remember my first experience and the first reaction is to get out of the gym as fast as possible.

Another experience is about the echoing sound that in the long empty storeroom with the door shut.

So… what triggers me was that loud vibrating sort of sound and thoughts of example “does the shaking gym windows that contribute to the sound going to break? or even got to do with my surging emotions?”

And… my way to cope this is really to face it. I seriously can’t quit the gym just because of this so I decided to remove my earpiece and prepare to fight my fear head-on. The first few attempts are horrifying, my heart beat so damn fast, breathing gets heavier and wants to run out of here.

Luckily, it took me a while and finally I get to cope with it. However (Just That Particular Sound).

Then what happens is that I found another sound that i fear of, the sound of the string vibrating off an untuned guitar and well i just going try again. Oh man, I remember that I shouted at my sis not to play that guitar…