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    Hi Adam, you sound like you’ve reached rock bottom with it. Why wouldn’t you? You tried talking to your family and were faced with them not taking it seriously, adding mockery to real pain must have been very tough to respond to. I’m guessing you are young and of an age where you have to live at home with parents…torture. I can relate to this too. I had to share a room with two of my sisters whose snoring, breathing, nasal habits were horrendous. There were no headphones to escape with I used the fingers in ears technique as I tried to sleep. I told my family and they laughed at me and teased me by making louder eating noises, my mother thought my nerves were at me. They didn’t understand because they were ignorant of the condition. I’m in my 40’s now and in control of who I stay around, unlike you I can eat where I want to. I have printed out articles on misophonia and have gave them to my family to read, also my friends have read them….it shows them if anything that there are many people like you and me and that it is a condition. perhaps your mother might think twice about forcing you to eat with them, perhaps she might take a little control of how the rest of the family behave around you. All you need is one person in your family to educate themselves about misophonia and perhaps be supportive. My advice in coping techniques would be try bring a book/comic to the table with your headphones…avoid looking at their mouths. But it is hard to do as your brain just fills in the blanks. Escape and earplugs are my biggest life savers so who am i to tell you what to do? Just look after yourself and its is a depressing and angry condition that often overwhelms but it passes and this will too, good luck Adam and let us know how you are doing. Sandra