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    Hi Hazel,

    I really appreciated your post. I actually live with three women who suffer from this condition (my wife and two teenage daughters). We’ve been married for almost 19 years now, and it has definitely strained our marriage. Tonight my wife slammed the bedroom door because I coughed. I about lost it, because she did it in front of my daughter, who I believe learned the behavior from her.

    I realize it’s a legitimate disorder, but what really makes me (and your husband) upset is when you express your discust, rage, etc. please understand that I love my girls very much and I’m sure your husband loves you so very much as well. But…humans make noises, and however you feel when he makes those noises needs to be kept to yourself. This means no sighs or groans or any expressions of discust. It very well could destroy your marriage, if you don’t get your reactions under control.

    I’m not picking on you personally; I’m just sharing how it feels to be on the receiving end. I’d love to hear your feedback.