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Hi, I have had misophonia for as long as I can remember. It has only ever effected my life negativley it forces me to alienate myself from my friends and my family and they wondery why I do it because I feel like I am unable to explain it. Honestly I have multiple times but im either hit with “your crazy” or “It’s in your head”. There is no professional help around my area (Buffalo NY) and I feel lost and consumed by this disorder. I feel as though all its doing is pulling me away from any relationships with people and I cant even explain why because Im dealing with something literally only other people with it can truly understand. Some people Ive told say they understand and then they sit right next to me and start eating and then I either have to be weird by asking them to moving or by me leaving the room. It causes so much social anxiety creating angry thoughts that I dont even want to have about my friends but when I hear them making chewing noises it makes me want to punch them in the face. This disorder is eating me from the inside out and I feel like I cant tell anyone who will understand or talk to anyone face to face who has studied it or at least had the same issues. There are no professionals to talk to except for a therapist which isnt a terrible thing but its clearly not a good solution at all. All im asking is do I have a chance at living a normal life or will I constantly be in a battle with myself hurting everyone around me?