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    My brother ,sister and I all have this and two of my cousins.

    My Dad always wants to hang out…but he recently quit smoking which I’m so glad about, but he now chews gum 24/7 and constantly is blowing into his hand…

    I ask him every time to please stop you know I have this disorder and bam he’s 100% defensive and gets mad. I walk away to another room he gets mad.

    It’s to the point where I cringe when he wants to hang out now.

    I almost feel as if he’s doing it on purpose to get a rise out of me.

    I tell him maybe he should go make fun of diabetics or people born with disorders since you have zero respect for mine and he laughs like mine is a fake disorder and says I’m overly sensitive….no shit that’s what misophonia is I said.

    Anyways you will never win with these people regardless if you’re nice/angry or anything in between.

    Let’s just enjoy our triggered life and ignore the people that don’t care about our condition.

    I found an article about a man that killed some guy eating popcorn at the movies…no joke. He said he was over masticating as the reason to police. Lol some funny shit.