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    Ever since I was between 11 and 13, the sounds of dogs chewing themselves, like an itch, or licking themselves drove me up the wall. I would always have to yell at my dog to stop licking because my body was filled with rage at the sounds of a dog licking or chewing. I love dogs, cats and overall an animal lover, but it’s specificallt dogs licking or chewing that triggers me to go from 0 to 60 in a heartbeat. It saddens me that I often yell at a dog or pat their nose to get them away from chewing or licking. They should be able to do whatever they want; they’re dogs for goodness sacks but for whatever reasons, this noise and the visuals trigger me and although I don’t have a dog as an adult, I have a hard time visiting friends or family because everyone has a dog and I feel like I’m constantly looking or listening for their dog to lick and chew and how I’m going to react in a polite manor. Often times I go to the bathroom and accidentally trip on the dog to get them to stop or move away. It saddens me that I have to stoop to this level but the noise triggers me to want to anything in order to stop the noise. It’s so tough and it wasn’t until this week when I came across “Misophonia” and could find a group of people I can relate too when everyone around me thinks I hate dogs.