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    @Keymaster – Many thanks for that. In my current job it isn’t possible to work in a separate room, from home or wear earphones – it is a Support role and can’t be away from the phone lines unfortunately. At the moment, I am considering changing career path, as it truly is that torturous to be sitting through day in day out. I fear that I won’t be able to hold the rage back one day.

    I do Vape CBD when I get home from work – It definitely relaxes me when I’m home, but didn’t do much when I vaped it on my lunch breaks. That is exactly the reason I don’t want to try any prescription drugs, because they will completely dull my senses and I will most likely get addicted.

    Offer cough sweets? Keep asking if they want a cough sweet? Some people offer to get a cougher water as a subtle hint, but usually they are oblivious! Worth a try though?

    I get so enraged by it that I don’t think I could say something along those lines without it being extremely aggressive. I have tried to say it to them like “Oh, have you a cold or something?” But that just seemed to make them cough more. I think they have their own mental issues whereby it is a form of tick that they can’t help, but it drives me mental.

    Maybe the only way, truly is a career switch – I was thinking of becoming a delivery driver or something similar so that I am solo in my own space.