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Eddie, firstly this is normal for someone with miso and sound disorders, but walk away before you hit someone for your own sake!
I am a lot older than you are but I can relate to the problems you face in your teens as I started being affected by this around 12 years of age. My advice to you is DO NOT tell your family and friends, most people just don’t get this thing. I am genuinely staggered by the number of adults who think it is funny to trigger reactions. My family tainted me for years and thought it was really funny, but I would spend hours in my bedroom crying because of it. I am still haunted by those images and sounds years later. I stopped telling anyone anything after an initiAl plea for help because if you don’t experience it I really think people have any understanding of how horrible and life affecting this thing is. I have now spent years (decades) of always having wax earplugs in my ears. My brother is now over 60 years old but remembers and STILL deliberately winds me up. I can no longer sit anywhere near him. I hope that this horrible thing gets more recognition as the Years pass and research may give answers so that you may experience relief as you get older. I believe it is more common than it appears because on the whole people keep quiet about it as a form of self protection. Speak out people and help may happen one day! In the meantime, keep up all of your coping strategies and again my advice is do not tell your nearest and dearest unless you KNOW that they will understand. I believe this thing can ruin relationships, it was certainly a contributing factor to my marriage breakup. Fortunately I now have a lovely partner who really does try to understand and is sympathetic, but I know they find it very difficult. I am fortunate that they are a very patient person and we try to work on it together. After 45 years I have never mentioned it to my family again.