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Hi Grace,

I went to Uni and loved it. A lot of the triggers you physically can’t escape from living at home melt away as you finally have your own space (assuming you have your own room) and independence. If mealtimes are getting overwhelming you can eat in the kitchen or your room. If you’re triggered by someone in a lecture you can just sit somewhere else next time and so on. There’s a great deal of freedom.

I didn’t tell anyone about my miso at uni. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer with this but I didn’t want people (including myself) to be on edge over my disorder and it seemed to work.

In terms of eating in lectures this wasn’t something I noticed people doing, I think it would have been seen as rude at my uni. People would bring hot drinks and bottled water though. Often these lecture halls are pretty big so as I said you could strategically position yourself away from anyone who triggers you.

Uni was 3 of the most outrageously fun years of my life and I hope you love every minute of it Grace, I’m sure you will!