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12 yr old girl.

    I JUST learned that i have Misophonia, and while i’m typing this, my sis is coughing continuously for like 2 hrs. My whole family is the kind of family that never stops making disgusting noises, and right now i want to slap my sis. My mom screams at me whenever I make a weird face or cringe whenever my sister or her fart, cough, sniffle, sneeze, or burp. I can’t sleep with all these noises, not to mention whenever my parents make slurping noises/crunching noises, and I just wish I could scream at them. If I told my parents I have misophonia, they would just roll their eyes and start staying stuff JUST like “Anonymous Person” said their parents do. My parents say everyone can’t stop just for me, and blah blah blah. I’ve been researching, and a couple articles said Misophonia usually happens to people at 12, and it started for me last summer, a month after I turned twelve. I HATE THE NOISES, but I also wish the noises didn’t bother me soo much. It makes me feel like slapping everyone in my family. My mom is always like, “What is your problem? You always make a disgusted body language”, and IDK what to say. My mom always says, “We’re just a middle class family. Stop acting so posh.” I don’t want to, and this disorder ruined my relationship with my whole family, including my grandparents. PLS GIVE ME TIPS!!!!!My parents just get maddd.