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    I am so relieved to hear others have visual triggers like I do! I have misophonia for sure; I cannot tolerate candy wrappers crinkling or someone on an airplane talking non-stop to the passenger next to him or her. As such, I suspected misophonia had something to do with my irritation when my sister pulls at her hair. At about 3-5 second intervals, her hand rises up to the crown of her head, she then separates out a hair, then she pulls it all the way to the end looking for irregularities. I have to look the exact opposite direction so I can’t see it as soon as I see her lift her hand. I am pretty sure she has trichotillomiania. But, the problem is with me as I can’t tolerate it. I have trouble with noises at work and if I hear a dog barking in my neighborhood while I am home, I have to turn a fan on. It’s scary because I feel its getting worse. I hope there are treatments that can help.