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    I have had misophonia from a very young age. I never knew what it was until around 10 years old… I am 15 now.
    My first symptoms were when I my mother would be laying in bed with me and telling me a story and then I would fall asleep. Well she would too, and then she would snore! I was little so I didn’t have control over my feelings so I would kick the bed to wake her up and she would leave. I have never been able to sleep in the same room as her- now she has a CPAP machine so it’s a little better because I could hear her snore sometimes through our shared wall.
    My dad was the one who told me what it was and I was so relieved because someone finally knew what I was going through! I wasn’t actually a brat! (My older sister thought I was annoying because of my reactions to snoring/crunching/weezing/etc.)
    I now go to a therapist for misophonia and it helps -me- but my mother still finds it personal. I leave the room to keep myself from going insane and screaming at everyone to stop eating and breathing in my presence. Sometimes I don’t even wait for her to eat, she just walks in the kitchen and gets out a bowl so I leave. My therapist says I need exposure therapy but will that work? I can stand noises for a maximum of 5 minutes but after that I -will- ask someone to blow their nose, go somewhere else, or leave myself. How can my mom stop feeling like I hate her? She’s my favorite family member but her noises bother me the most! What can I do? I’d move out but I’m still in highschool!!!!!!!
    A fellow misophone