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    Hi, I’m Elisabeth, and I am so glad to find that there’s actually a diagnosis for being triggered by movements.

    My problem with Misokinesia is mostly among my family, and Misophonia is everywhere.

    I like watching stuff on the TV with my family, but I always dread it, because my whole family always move their feet around. They do stuff like bending their toes and straightening them again, moving their ankles around. I can’t explain with words, how much I HATE it. My mom has something called “restless leg syndrome” which makes it even worse.

    Because of this, it has just grown, and now I can’t even see a foot without having to walk away or pull on my hoodie to cover it.

    I’m not sure I have Misophonia, but I might have mild Misophonia. If someone chews a gum…. NONONONONONONO NO. And if we are on vacation, I might have to share a room without someone. If I can hear them BREATHE, I will go crazy.