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Oh, I am so happy I found this forum! I have been dealing with this problem since I was a child, and I’m now 42. My Dad’s smacking his food while he is eating is the absolute worse sound in the world to me. I remember hearing a friend’s young son smacking his food about a decade ago, and the thoughts of wanting to slap him in the face really scared me. My husband and I are currently staying with my parents temporarily while our new home is going through some renovations. Mealtimes are absolute horror, as are the times my Dad chooses to snack while watching TV. As a matter of fact, just a few moments ago I escaped to the dining room to get here on my laptop to look up any help dealing with my condition, because my Dad is snacking on potato chips. Any time I have mentioned my condition to my parents, they just laugh, roll their eyes, and say I’m being dramatic. I remember as a teenager, even going as far as to tell him he would not see his grandchildren if he did not learn to eat properly (with his mouth closed). I continue to get looks from both my parents when I suddenly leave the room once my Dad begins chewing. I can cover up his noise with my own chewing, but if I am already full or not hungry, it’s simply unbearable to sit there and listen to him. I hope that this forum will be therapy for me in itself. Thankfully, my husband understands and sympathizes with me.